Eureka's Family Tree

Eureka's Family Tree 2.0

Eureka's Family Tree can help you keep track of your family’s history
2.0 (See all)
Nodtronics Pty Ltd

Join millions of people around the world in the enthralling hobby of Genealogy by recording and preserving your family history for generations to come with Eureka’s Family Tree Creator. This easy-to-use, yet very powerful program is ideal for not only building family trees but also storing and displaying information about family members and the key events in their lives.

The program allows you to add an unlimited number of linked documents for individual family members and their life events. You can customise your family tree by creating your own data fields, and export and print table contents. With 'studbook' you can keep trace of the history of your family in a single text file. Additionally, the program can automatically build and optimise a family tree complete with photos for any family member.

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